Water Features Installation Water Features Installation

Water Feature Installation
Installing a water feature may seem daunting at first, but hopefully this guide will clear up any concerns you may have, and give you a clear understanding of what is involved. If your thinking about a new patio or decked area in the garden then a water feature will add that finishing touch. If after reading this information you still require further guidance or you would like to speak to me personally, simply leave a message via the contact us page and I will contact you at a convenient time.

Positioning / Size
Check the dimensions of the water feature, and then think about were your going to position the feature, the water feature should complement the surrounding area, and not be too dominating.

Choosing the Pebble Pool / Reservoir
The Pebble Pool is buried in the ground below the water feature and acts as a reservoir to supply the water feature which stands on the pebble pool cover. The pump is placed in the base of the reservoir and connects to the water feature inlet through a short length of plastic tubing through the pebble pool cover, the Finia pools have an access hatch to allow pump maintenance. I would recommend choosing a finia pebble pool, these come in various sizes, the important diamensions are the surface (water catchment) area and the volume.

When you switch on the water feature, the feature will fill with water, before cascading back into the reservoir, this initial fill will take some water out of the reservoir, Also excessive splashing or high winds may cause water to escape. As your water level in the reservoir falls, the water flow will reduce until eventually your water feature stops working, if the water level drops below the pump suction then you could cause permanent damage to the pump. If your budget allows always go for a larger reservoir, if you cannot decide between a Finia 650 or a Finia 1000 go for the larger, it will mean the reservoir will require topping up far less frequently.

If your choosing a high water feature and your locating it in a windy area, then again think about going for a pebble pool with a large catchment area. If the water has a 1 meter fall, and it is subjected to gusts of wind the water will simply be blown away instead of falling into the reservoir.

Pebble Pool adaptor kit
This will stabilise your water feature, these are best used on the higher features such as the Eclipse Mirror and Rhine Flatbacked. The Pebble Pool adaptor kits will attach to almost all the Stowasis Features.

Water Noise
If your sitting close to the water feature, the noise of the running water may start to annoy you, I would always advise purchasing a Tap Flow Control Valve, position this in the pump discharge pipe before it enters the water feature, you will then be able to adjust the water flow to suit yourself, also if it gets very windy you will be able to turn the water feature down to reduce water loss.

Lighting / Finishing Touches
Your water feature will look great in the daylight, but how will it look in the evenings, A blue LED light will be stunning when used to light a stainless water feature, the red LED lights look fantastic when used to light the copper features. Choose an LED with a Heavy Duty HD transformer, We also supply a range of colour changing LED’s the choice is yours.

Stainless Reservoirs
Instead of utilising a pebble pool you may decide on standing the water feature inside a stainless reservoir, if you do this consider purchasing a mesh insert, these are basically a piece of plastic / stainless steel mesh with a piece cut out to suit the feature, the mesh sits on stainless steel legs which lift the mesh to approximately an inch below the top edge of the reservoir. You will then be able to cover the mash with pebbles to add that finishing touch.

Water Blades
The water blade will produce a solid wall of water, Ideally placed on an exterior wall, you can choose a rear entry or bottom entry version. If your building the wall then incorporate a 25mm hose inside the wall, and choose a rear entry blade. The Wider the blade the more compartments the blade will have, each compartment requires its own water supply. If you go for a very wide blade with 3 compartments then you would have to split the pump discharge 3 ways, one to supply each compartment, use a flow control valve in each to allow you to balance the flows perfectly. Once the blade is fastened to the wall and running the distance between the wall and the water will be approximately 2 inches. If the height of the blade above water level is greater than 1.5 meters then you will need to start to thinking about using a pump with a higher flow rating than our recommendation.

More Hints and Tips
Be carefull during installation not to scratch your water feature, Unpack the water feature only when your ready to install it, and place stones around the base carefully, to avoid scratching the stainless steel!

Make sure you run your water feature on a daily basis, to prevent the water becoming stagnant, stagnant water smells and isn,t nice!

Periodically clean your water feature with a soft cloth, to keep it looking great!

Make sure the electrical side of the installation is done by a competent qualified electrician!

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