Calculating Pond Volume Calculating Pond Volume

How to Calculate Your Pond Volume and the Liner Size you require!

Draw a sketch of your pond showing a plan view and a cross sectional view:

Draw a sketch of your pond showing a plan view and a cross sectional view

Calculating Required Pond Liner Size and Pond volume

The above diagram shows a rough sketch showing a typical pond, the 3 key measurements you will need to calculate your pond liner size and maximum pond volume are the maximum length and the maximum width (top plan view) and the maximum pond depth (lower cross sectional view)

Take these measurements in meters, this will make it easier to calculate the pond volume in litres.

The pond liner size is calculated as follows:

  • Pond liner length is equal to the maximum length plus twice the maximum depth (m)
  • Pond liner width is equal to the maximum width plus twice the maximum depth (m)
  • Pond volume is equal to max length x max width x max depth x 1000 (L)
  • We sell pond liner by the square meter so multiplying the liner length by the liner width will give you the amount you will need to order.

Use our pond liner calculator:

Enter maximum pond length (in meters)
Enter maximum pond width (in meters)
Enter maximum pond depth (in meters)
Your pond liner length is (in meters)
Your pond liner width is (in meters)
You maximum pond volume is (in litres)
Total pond liner area is (quantity to order)
Quantity of underlay required (liner quantity plus 20%)

Approximate Pond Liner and Underlay Costs
Butyl Liner
0.75 mm
EPDM Greenseal
0.75 mm
PVC Liner
0.50 mm

If you require more information on liner selection please contact us, or telephone 0845 602 7244 (information / order line)

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