Hozelock Bioforce Filters

These well designed pressure filters are remarkably efficient and use both mechanical and biological filtration, giving the best of both worlds. The new design by Hozelock to the Bioforce filters makes cleaning and maintenance much easier with the new ‘backflushing’ facility the water flows through the biological filter media (Kaldnes biomedia) taking out the excess debris thus stimulating the bacteria activity.

Hozelock have improved the design of these popular filters by making the mechanical filtration much more efficient so less cleaning is required. The new foams are a coarse flow through type also reducing maintenance.

The Biological filtration is also improved in the new models by the addition of Kaldnes K3 biomedia which is much more efficient than other biomedia.

The UVC is extremely efficient in the removal of green water.

The Bioforce filters are now fitted with a UV viewing indicator so that you can see clearly and safely if the UVC lamp is working.

All models of Hozelock Bioforce are available now from ValueAquatics for immediate Dispatch

Model Max Flo Thro’ Filter UVC Availability
3000 uvc 1500 lph 5w YES
5500 uvc 2500 lph 9w YES
8000 uvc 4000 lph 11w YES
12000 uvc 6000 lph 13x YES


The New Hozelock Aquaforce solids handling water pumps.

Hozelock have just unveiled the new innovative pond pumps the AQUAFORCE range. There are seven solids handling filter and waterfall pumps. The Aquaforce have now set the benchmark for all other pumps in performance and efficiency, they deliver increased improvements in flow rates and head heights and using less power than other systems.

The Hozelock Aquaforce has a new ‘Power Case’ that has an exclusive Wildlife Protection System, so no more baby frog’s newts etc., getting caught up in the pumps.

The pumps come in seven models to suit all ponds up to 30,000 litres (6599 gal.); the new Aquaforce solids handling pumps come with a waterfall option, making them a multi-tasking pond pump.

The impeller has been re designed and is a unique conical impeller; the new design incorporates a self cooling system ensuring continuous operating conditions. The new Aquaforce pumps set new benchmarks in flow rate at 1 metre head up to 11% greater than the well known Hozelock Titan models which they are replacing.

The new design incorporates Thrust washers to protect the rotor from any damage while the ceramic bearings maximise the pumps life giving the Aquaforce a 3 year warranty.

How they work.

Pond water is pulled through the Power Case Wildlife Protection system or cage grill which filters out rough solids up to 6mm. The smaller particles down to 2mm can be eliminated by fitting the clip in fine mesh filter tray, which is supplied with the pump. This gives the best possible protection to pond wildlife like small fish, frogs and newts. 

The pump casing is designed for ease of use making it easier to access the pump inside. The case opens up like a power tool case with two quick release clips. There are arrows on the pump chamber for lining up the pump when reassembling, making it easier visually.

The Aquaforce pond pump can be laid flat on its side or upright in the pond without losing any efficiency.

It also has an amphibious ability where the pump can be used on dry land while the cage remains submerged.

They also have a second inlet which allows for the use of a skimmer or satellite filter. When a skimmer is used it pulls the surface debris into the filter, the flow control adjusts the water intake from the main cage and the skimmer. Or you can use a second filter sited in a dead area of the pond or in an adjacent smaller pond.

Four of the models (Aquaforce 6000, 8000, 12000 and 15000) also have a variable flow adjuster.

ValueAquatics have available now the Aquaforce 1000 and the 2500 models. The other models will be available shortly as Hozelock release them. Watch this space. You can also pre order the others.

Model Litres/hour At Head Availability
Aquaforce 1000 600 1m  1.5m YES
Aquaforce  2500 1750 1m  2.1m YES
Aquaforce  4000 2800 1m  2.5m NO
Aquaforce  6000 4750 1m  3.5m NO
Aquaforce  8000 7200 1m  4.0m NO
Aquaforce  12000 10000 1m  5.0m NO
Aquaforce  15000 12500 1m  5.7m NO

At the same time, Hozelock is upgrading its range of Ecoclear Easy Clean Pond Filter Systems which will now team Aquaforce pumps with Bioforce biological filters.


Hozelock Ecopower Pond Filter Kit

ValueAquatics can now offer another Hozelock complete filter system to our Range of Pond Products, the Ecopower pond filter kits they come in the Kit 5000-1341 and the 2500-1340 both come with above ground filter box the Ecopower, Cascade pump, 7m of ribbed Cypriflex hose and 2 x hose clips.

The filter works by the water entering the Ecopower filter through the graduated hosetail into the UV chamber and is exposed to the UV light as it passes through. This causes the algae to clump up it then passes through a venturi where it is aerated. The water now goes through the biomedia in the bottom of the filter and then goes up and through the foam filters and exits the filter as glean water healthy water.

If the pond water is very green it may take a few weeks to catch up but an improvement should be noticed in a fortnight.

Hozelock Filter Kit UV Pump Hose & Clips For Ponds up to
Ecopower 2500-1340 6w Cascade 1500 YES 2200Litres (550gal)
Ecopower 5000-131 8w Cascade 4000 YES 5000 litres (1100 gal)


Blanketweed Buster

This time of year we are starting to think of our ponds and especially any problems that may emerge from the winter rest as things wake up in the spring. A major issue over the last few years has been Blanketweed, which has become quite a problem for a lot of people. The main cause has been our warmer winters and the blanket weed has not been killed off over the winter and so has had a head start. Hopefully this year it will not be such a problem, but if it does rear its ugly head Interpet have the answer in their Blanketweed Buster. They use a natural solution, a probiotic treatment which adds bacteria to the pond which will target the blanketweed and destroy it. A side effect is its ability to clear up the algae that cause green water and helps break down the sludge in the bottom of the pond.

What the bacteria does is compete with the algae for nutrients or food supply so starving the Blanketweed.
Interpet Blanketweed Buster is a perfectly safe and natural product and will not harm the fish, amphibians, or plants.
At ValueAquatics Interpet Blanketweed Buster comes in two sizes Standard pack which treats 2273 litres (500 gallon) pond for 4 weeks, and the Super value pack treats 4456 litres (1000 gallons) for 8 weeks.

Full easy to follow instructions
Comes with dosing spoon
Natural product no chemicals
Perfectly safe for the pond inhabitants


Box Welded Liner

At ValueAquatics we offer Box Welded Liners in both Butyl and Green Seal EPDM, both are available in 0.75mm and 1.00mm thickness. The box liners come from the highly reputed Gordon Low Ltd who have done work for the BBC and film industry and all liners are made to the highest standard.

The box welded liners are tailor made to your exact specifications and come with a lifetime warranty.

On the ValueAquatics Pond Liners section you will see the options for square or round welded box liners simply input the dimensions In cm or meters and tick the box for a flange or not, and the calculator will work out your order.

What is a flange?
A flange is a lip that is welded to the top of the liner so that it can be anchored in position by coping stones etc.

Do I require liner protection as for flat liners?
As both Butyl and EPDM are flexible ValueAquatics recommend that you use a liner of either sand or the Geotextile underlay Polyfelt available from our site and will be delivered at the same time as the liner from Gordon Low. Delivery is usually 4-7 working days.

No unsightly creases or folds
Made from top quality .75mm or 1.00cmm Butyl or Greenseal EPDM
Lifetime warranty

If you would like a box welded liner in a different size or shape, please call us for a quote. If the liner is to be of a more complicated design then a detailed drawing will be required, it can be either faxed or emailed to us, and will get a quote out to you ASAP.

As Box Welded Liners are bespoke to your measurements we cannot accept returns so please check and double check all measurements.


Adheseal Water Leak Repair

If you have a tear or hole in your pond liner do not worry ValueAquatics have Adheseal. This amazing product is designed to seal and repair almost all surfaces including Metal, glass, marble, wood, natural stone, plastics, rubber, Perspex etc.

Adheseal is an MS polymer-based sealant which holds its elasticity. It contains no isocyanides or solvents so is perfectly safe for pond life.

It forms a skin after a few hours and cures in 24 hours.  For pond liner tears or holes I have found it best to clean the area as well as you can and make a patch out of some old off cut liner and smear the Adheseal all over one side and push the patch into place. 

It can be painted over after only 4 hours
Comes in a 290ml cartridge suitable for mastic or skeleton guns
Cures even under water
Very high adhesion on most surfaces
Suitable for application between two parts for spot welding later
Can be sprayed on wet on wet
Temperature resistance is from -40°C to +100°C


Hozelock EasyClear 3000

ValueAquatics have the EasyClear 3000 in stock ready for the pond season as the EasyClear is one of our top selling items. Quite simply it does what it says on the box. The EasyClear pond filters are very easy to set up and install with easy to read instructions. Maintenance is also very easy no screwdrivers or tools are required.

ValueAquatics have in stock three of the Hozelock EasyClear pond filters in stock for ponds up to 3000 litres to ponds of 9000 litres.

All the filters come with an integrated pump and built in UVC to maintain clear ponds.

Never expect any filter to work overnight as there are a lot of factors to consider and can take up to four weeks to start showing clear water, though you can usually start to see results after the first week. If the pond is excessively dirty to start with it might be a good idea to net out as much of the waste that has accumulated in the bottom of the pond. You will probably have to clean the foams more often until the pond is clean then the foams should only be cleaned every 6-8 + weeks.

Never clean the foams or filter under the tap as the chlorine in the tap water will kill off the good bacteria which are part of the filter system. Always clean the foams in a bucket of pond or rainwater.

EasyClear UVC Ponds up to Litres Gallons
3000 5w 3000 660
6000 9w 6000 1320
9000 13w 9000 1980

 Efficient integrated pump
Foams for water clarity
Kaldness biomedia for healthy fish and pond
Built in UVC to eliminate green water
Choice of fountain or waterfall
Easy one cable installation
Easy tool free maintenance

ValueAquatics also carry spares for the EasyClear filters.


Koi Feeding Ring

Uneaten food around the edge of your pond or caught around or amongst the pond plants not only looks unsightly, but can be dangerous to the pond inhabitants. As they break down and end up polluting the pond in a worse case scenario.

Any uneaten food after five minutes should be netted out and shows that you are overfeeding.

A good and cheep investment is a NishiKoi feeding ring from ValueAquatics. Simply leave the ring floating in the pond and put the floating food into it. All the food stays in one place and is easy to net out the ring and any surplus food.

I tie a length of fishing line to it tied to the side, so I can pull it to the side easily for feeding etc.


Fishmate Gravity Feed Filter Pond Kit

If you have or are designing a pond of up to 5000litres (1000gallons) then ValueAquatics highly recommend either the Fishmate Gravity Feed Filter Pond Kit 2500 or 5000. They both come with a Pond Pump and filter box+ UVC rated for the size of your pond.

To work out your ponds capacity go to our pond calculator and input your pond measurements and it will give you the litres and gallons along with liner and underlay sizes.

With the 2500 kit (max. pond size 1250 litres / 250 gallons you get the Fishmate C8watt Gravity P-UV+Bio Filter and the Fishmate 2000 pump.

The 5000 kit (max pond size 5000 litres/ 1000 gallons you get the Fishmate C16watt Gravity P- UV+Bio Filter and he Fishmate 3000 pump.

Both also come with a fountain kit with four different fountain options.

Easy to install
Includes UVC, Biological filter, Foams and pond pump
Four choices of fountain
Comprehensive 3 year guarantee on the pump and Filter
The High efficiency pump turbine handles solids to 5mm (3/16”)
Pumps come with 10m (33′) of cableFilters come Fitted with 5m (16’) cable
Does not include corrugated Hose or clips