The New Hozelock Aquaforce solids handling water pumps.

Hozelock have just unveiled the new innovative pond pumps the AQUAFORCE range. There are seven solids handling filter and waterfall pumps. The Aquaforce have now set the benchmark for all other pumps in performance and efficiency, they deliver increased improvements in flow rates and head heights and using less power than other systems.

The Hozelock Aquaforce has a new ‘Power Case’ that has an exclusive Wildlife Protection System, so no more baby frog’s newts etc., getting caught up in the pumps.

The pumps come in seven models to suit all ponds up to 30,000 litres (6599 gal.); the new Aquaforce solids handling pumps come with a waterfall option, making them a multi-tasking pond pump.

The impeller has been re designed and is a unique conical impeller; the new design incorporates a self cooling system ensuring continuous operating conditions. The new Aquaforce pumps set new benchmarks in flow rate at 1 metre head up to 11% greater than the well known Hozelock Titan models which they are replacing.

The new design incorporates Thrust washers to protect the rotor from any damage while the ceramic bearings maximise the pumps life giving the Aquaforce a 3 year warranty.

How they work.

Pond water is pulled through the Power Case Wildlife Protection system or cage grill which filters out rough solids up to 6mm. The smaller particles down to 2mm can be eliminated by fitting the clip in fine mesh filter tray, which is supplied with the pump. This gives the best possible protection to pond wildlife like small fish, frogs and newts. 

The pump casing is designed for ease of use making it easier to access the pump inside. The case opens up like a power tool case with two quick release clips. There are arrows on the pump chamber for lining up the pump when reassembling, making it easier visually.

The Aquaforce pond pump can be laid flat on its side or upright in the pond without losing any efficiency.

It also has an amphibious ability where the pump can be used on dry land while the cage remains submerged.

They also have a second inlet which allows for the use of a skimmer or satellite filter. When a skimmer is used it pulls the surface debris into the filter, the flow control adjusts the water intake from the main cage and the skimmer. Or you can use a second filter sited in a dead area of the pond or in an adjacent smaller pond.

Four of the models (Aquaforce 6000, 8000, 12000 and 15000) also have a variable flow adjuster.

ValueAquatics have available now the Aquaforce 1000 and the 2500 models. The other models will be available shortly as Hozelock release them. Watch this space. You can also pre order the others.

Model Litres/hour At Head Availability
Aquaforce 1000 600 1m  1.5m YES
Aquaforce  2500 1750 1m  2.1m YES
Aquaforce  4000 2800 1m  2.5m NO
Aquaforce  6000 4750 1m  3.5m NO
Aquaforce  8000 7200 1m  4.0m NO
Aquaforce  12000 10000 1m  5.0m NO
Aquaforce  15000 12500 1m  5.7m NO

At the same time, Hozelock is upgrading its range of Ecoclear Easy Clean Pond Filter Systems which will now team Aquaforce pumps with Bioforce biological filters.