Hozelock Bioforce Filters

These well designed pressure filters are remarkably efficient and use both mechanical and biological filtration, giving the best of both worlds. The new design by Hozelock to the Bioforce filters makes cleaning and maintenance much easier with the new ‘backflushing’ facility the water flows through the biological filter media (Kaldnes biomedia) taking out the excess debris thus stimulating the bacteria activity.

Hozelock have improved the design of these popular filters by making the mechanical filtration much more efficient so less cleaning is required. The new foams are a coarse flow through type also reducing maintenance.

The Biological filtration is also improved in the new models by the addition of Kaldnes K3 biomedia which is much more efficient than other biomedia.

The UVC is extremely efficient in the removal of green water.

The Bioforce filters are now fitted with a UV viewing indicator so that you can see clearly and safely if the UVC lamp is working.

All models of Hozelock Bioforce are available now from ValueAquatics for immediate Dispatch

Model Max Flo Thro’ Filter UVC Availability
3000 uvc 1500 lph 5w YES
5500 uvc 2500 lph 9w YES
8000 uvc 4000 lph 11w YES
12000 uvc 6000 lph 13x YES