Fishmate Gravity Feed Filter Pond Kit

If you have or are designing a pond of up to 5000litres (1000gallons) then ValueAquatics highly recommend either the Fishmate Gravity Feed Filter Pond Kit 2500 or 5000. They both come with a Pond Pump and filter box+ UVC rated for the size of your pond.

To work out your ponds capacity go to our pond calculator and input your pond measurements and it will give you the litres and gallons along with liner and underlay sizes.

With the 2500 kit (max. pond size 1250 litres / 250 gallons you get the Fishmate C8watt Gravity P-UV+Bio Filter and the Fishmate 2000 pump.

The 5000 kit (max pond size 5000 litres/ 1000 gallons you get the Fishmate C16watt Gravity P- UV+Bio Filter and he Fishmate 3000 pump.

Both also come with a fountain kit with four different fountain options.

Easy to install
Includes UVC, Biological filter, Foams and pond pump
Four choices of fountain
Comprehensive 3 year guarantee on the pump and Filter
The High efficiency pump turbine handles solids to 5mm (3/16”)
Pumps come with 10m (33′) of cableFilters come Fitted with 5m (16’) cable
Does not include corrugated Hose or clips