Box Welded Liner

At ValueAquatics we offer Box Welded Liners in both Butyl and Green Seal EPDM, both are available in 0.75mm and 1.00mm thickness. The box liners come from the highly reputed Gordon Low Ltd who have done work for the BBC and film industry and all liners are made to the highest standard.

The box welded liners are tailor made to your exact specifications and come with a lifetime warranty.

On the ValueAquatics Pond Liners section you will see the options for square or round welded box liners simply input the dimensions In cm or meters and tick the box for a flange or not, and the calculator will work out your order.

What is a flange?
A flange is a lip that is welded to the top of the liner so that it can be anchored in position by coping stones etc.

Do I require liner protection as for flat liners?
As both Butyl and EPDM are flexible ValueAquatics recommend that you use a liner of either sand or the Geotextile underlay Polyfelt available from our site and will be delivered at the same time as the liner from Gordon Low. Delivery is usually 4-7 working days.

No unsightly creases or folds
Made from top quality .75mm or 1.00cmm Butyl or Greenseal EPDM
Lifetime warranty

If you would like a box welded liner in a different size or shape, please call us for a quote. If the liner is to be of a more complicated design then a detailed drawing will be required, it can be either faxed or emailed to us, and will get a quote out to you ASAP.

As Box Welded Liners are bespoke to your measurements we cannot accept returns so please check and double check all measurements.