Stowasis Stainless Steel Sheer Descent Water Blades

ValueAquatics only offer Quality Genuine Stowasis products not cheap alternatives.

The Stowasis new style Stainless Steel blades are made from the highest quality brushed steel and come in 300mm to 1500mm blades and in both bottom and rear entry. The water enters into a box shaped chamber which fills up through a system of baffles then flows over the blade creating an impressive falling sheet of water.

The Stowasis stainless steel blades make a stunning waterfall that can be used both indoors and out creating the natural sound of a falling sheet of water.

The blades should be placed on or into a wall with the water cascading over the blades edge as a pure sheet of water.

You can also get a light kit for the individual Stowasis blades that put the finishing touch to the water fall.

We have in stock some of the older versions of the blades made to the same high standards in 300 to 1500mm.
Stowasis also do a plastic cheaper alternative.
The blades do not include pump or fittings all of which ValueAquatics can supply.


Stowasis Stainless Steel Mushroom Water feature.

If you are after water feature that stands out and is something different then look at the Stowasis Stainless Steel Water features. They come in many different styles to suit both out doors and indoors locations.

The Stainless Steel Mushrooms are the latest addition to the range and available in three different sizes (small, medium and large) and with a combination of two coloured lighting effects clear white light and blue. They also come with a no light option.

The Stainless Steel Mushroom water features include the pump, tubing, hose tail to the bottom of the light. No base plate.

The no light option is just a plain welded pipe. The top of the light feature is recessed for the light.

When you buy a Stowasis item from ValueAquatics it is the genuine article and a Stowasis quality item, not a cheaper alternative. 

The lights are 12 LED units.

S/S Mushroom Small Medium Large
Height 40cm 50cm 60cm
Width 39cm 49cm 59c
Base dia. 15cm 20cm 25cm
Edge of Mushroom to Floor 27cm 31cm 34cm
Pipe Size 20mm 20mm 20mm
Pump size 1000lph 1000lph 1000lph



Lucas Stone Water Features

Is there something missing in your garden?

Have you thought about a water feature?

Then ValueAquatics can help you as we have a large range of Stone Water Features made by Lucas Stone to suite small and large gardens.  Lucas Stone have been making stone garden ornaments for over 35 years, and are all made to the highest specification from reconstituted stone. They come in two finishes Aged Cotswold Stone and Moss finish that will fit in with almost any garden situation.

A water feature in the garden is very soothing with the sound of trickling water. Water features also attract wildlife of every type from insects to frogs to even deer, depending on what there is in your vicinity. We can offer a very wide range of Water Features as I said earlier everything from a Lion Mask fountain to a Serene Buddha Fountain, something for everyone or situation. Delivery is from Lucas Stone and depending on your area as they deliver on an area rotation, so delivery can be 1 – 4weeks. When the driver arrives with the feature he will help with moving it into position, within reason of course.