Seasol A New Fertilizer from Tasmania.

The chemist Ralph Bayer developed this fertilizer in Tasmania using Kelp that had been washed up on the beaches of Kingsland.

Because this fertilizer uses kelp that has not been harvested but washed up on the beaches it is completely green and has no impact on the marine environment.

 The Kelp is a large brown algae which has been used in crop production for centuries but until recently there has been little known of the unique properties associated with it. There are naturally occurring growth stimulants in it.

Seasol is 100% pure seaweed extract from a unique member of the Kelp Family Durvilea patatorum.  This seaweed only grows in the waters around Southern Australia and can reach lengths of 18meters and a single plant can reach 150kgs.

The storms and extremely high seas of the Great Southern Ocean washes very large amounts of the Bull Kelp up onto the beaches from where it is gathered.

  • specialised soil conditioners address the worldwide problems of soil degradation
  • Seasol is a dynamic growth stimulant and plant tonic
  • Promotes strong healthy growth
  • Improves resistance to insect and fungal attack
  • Reduces the symptoms of stress from excessive heat, frost damage and transplanting

ValueAquatics offer Seasol in five sizes and a special offer of  one S2 x 600ml and one s4 2lt + spray attachment. 


Seasol Liquid Fertiliser

The Seasol range has just been taken on by ourselves, and I am just writing a few notes to tell you just how good this product is. The product itself was first developed in Tasmania in 1974, and has been refined and improved over the years. The Seasol range has been tried and tested in Australia, and is now an established brand.

How it works:
Seaweed contains brown algae, which has unique properties, including naturally occuring growth stimulants, the seaweed extract is made from Durvillea Potatorum, a unique species of kelp found only in Southern Australia. We have much more information on the product, and this can all be found on our new website;

We have a great offer on this product currently;
You can buy both the S2 Seasol and ths S4 Seasol for only £9.99.

I have tried this product myself on my own garden late last year, I used the RTU Ready To Use, 2ltr S4 bottle, I simply attached it to the end of the hosepipe, and sprayed it over my lawn and flower beds, the results were amazing!

Mark Harrison.