A New Pond Treatment from Tetra TETRAPOND CLARIFIN

ValueAquatics can now offer a new pond treatment from Tetra for cleaning up dirty or cloudy water “Clarifin”.

It gets rid o cloudy or murky water which is caused by inorganic particles that  is suspended in pond water.

Clarifin goes to work very quickly in the first couple of hours after it has been added to your pond.

It works by the complex chemicals produced by the living cells that is a biochemical catalyst or enzyme which breaks down the waste.

Clarifin contains minerals and organic natural safe chemicals not artificially produced ones.



New Pond Treatment from Tetra – FilterZym

 ValueAquatics offer this new Tetra product FilterZym that speeds up the maturity of new pond filters by promoting the growth of bacteria in the filter.

This means that you can add fish to a new pond with relative safety faster.

Simply add powder from the correct number of capsules to the filter media as directed in the instructions and leave the filter running then add your fish.

This does not mean fully stock the pond this should always be done gradually Two or three at a time over a period of a few weeks until the correct number of fish are added. Remember small fish will grow into bigger fish so allow for this when stocking a pond.

 The bacterium in the filter breaks down ammonia and other waste products from the fish, so are essential in filters. This is why there are so many problems when starting a new pond up or after filter maintenance.

 For a new filter use the powder from 3 capsules.

After filter maintenance of media change use the powder from 3 capsules as well.

 One box contains ten capsules.



Blanket Weed

Blanket weed

 Now is the time of year to start thinking about getting the pond ready for the year ahead.

Keep checking the water temperature and when it is above 55°F and the last hard frosts are over check for the dreaded Blanket Weed the pond keeper’s nightmare. Although it should not be as it is now easy to control with modern methods.

Firstly what is Blanket Weed?

Blanket Weed (Spirogyra adnate) is a prolific aquatic weed. The descriptive name is quite accurate as it is a filamentous algae and not a plant.

Blanket weed thrives in ornamental ponds and its growth is increased by bright sunlight and shallow fast flowing water and so it is found in and around waterfalls and unshaded areas of the pond. Garden ponds are usually stocked with fish, so they are usually overstocked and overfed which means excess fish excrement which contains ammonia and nitrates which are fertilisers to the Blanket weed.

Blanket weed can suddenly appear after several years and infest a pond. Pulling out the Blanket weed actually does more harm than good. By pulling it out the weed releases spores produced by conjugation (the fusion of the nuclei of a male and a female gamete in algae and fungi) and so produces even more of the weed.

If kept unchecked it can cause serious oxygen depletion and cause stress in fish especially the larger ones.

There are three options open to control this menace electrical, natural and chemical. For me the best option is electrical with this you simply install the Blagdon Blanket Weed Control Unit which only takes a few minutes and is a permanent solution. It uses a multi-frequency processor, which constantly disrupts the calcium ions in the water; this has the effect of weakening the blanket weed and finally breaks down.

  • Quick and easy to install
  • One solution hit
  • Safe for the fish, plants crustations and insect life
  • Treats up to 22,700 litre ponds
  • 1.6 watts

 The natural way to control Blanket weed is by bacteria or barley straw.

Barley straw restricts the speed at which algae grows. It can take a while to start working it seems to depend on the individual pond. We have customers that swear by it and other where it does not seem to work. It seems to work best if it can be place where the pond-water flows through it.

ValueAquatics offer barley straw in both straw pouches (treats up to 3673litres) and pellets (2.5 litres treats 9000 litres) by NT Labs.

  • Both will need to be changed every 6 months.
  • Natural and safe to pond life
  • Controls green water and Blanket weed
  • Mostly works well
  • Easy to use

ValueAquatics also offer the Barley straw extracts by Interpet, there are also other natural remedies available by Bio-Clair and Nishi Koi.

Blanc-kit by Intercel is another product that uses a natural formula and is very effective.

The chemical methods use herbicides to kill off the Blanket weed the problem with these are that you have to keep adding chemicals to the pond every so often.

They are good if you have a very bad Blanket Weed problem and use them initially to kill off the blanket weed.

ValueAquatics offer Tetrapond Algofin which is an approved agecide for Blanket weed.

  • Approved by Health & Safety
  • Directly suppresses blanket weed
  • Harmless to fish, plants and wildlife
  • Easy to use