It’s Wheatgerm Time again

As the water temperature is now dropping it is time to think about feeding your pond fish Wheatgerm.

Why feed Wheatgerm?

 Well quite simply at low temperatures the fish cannot digest high protein foods. The high protein feeds stay in the fishes stomach undigested and starts to rot in the stomach which can kill the fish slowly.

At ValueAquatics we sell Wheatgerm feeds by Tetra, NishiKoi and Royce in different sizes to suit your demands.


Savic 0120 Koi Feeding Ball

Have some fun feeding your Goldfish and Koi giving them some exercise at the same time. Watch Koi Playing Ball and having fun.

Available from ValueAquatics the simple to use feeding ball, simply put the normal amount of food into the Feeding Ball and add a couple of table tennis balls to take up the excess space and help floatation. Depending on the type of food use the open or closed door on the ball. If you feed Koi sticks or granules use the door in the shut or closed position. If you are feeding pieces of lettuce or fruit use with the semi-closed door for closing the ball. Then simply place the ball on the surface, it may take a while until the Koi work out that there is food in the ball but once they learn to associate the ball with food anything from a day to a week, then sit back and watch the fun when you put the ball onto the pond surface. After feeding remove the ball from the pond.


Tetra Pond Wheatgerm Sticks

Tetra Pond Wheatgerm sticks are available from Valueaquatics, especially formulated by Tetra for feeding in the spring and autumn when pond fish find it difficult to digest food at lower temperatures. Tetra Wheatgerm food sticks should be fed when the water temperatures fall from 10 c to 5°c. Do not feed pond fish bellow 5°c.

Specially formulated for feeding pond fish at low temperatures
Has all the nutrients, vitamins and trace elements for a healthy balanced diet.
Builds fish up quickly for a healthy start to the year
Softens quickly to aid digestion
Made from primarily Wheatgerm
Low waste formula which helps keep the water clean & clear

ValueAquatics offer Tetra Pond Wheatgerm Sticks in the following sizes 200g, 780g, 1400g, 2kg (10lt bucket)


Wheatgerm Pond Food Pellets

If you are after a spring/autumn Wheatgerm pond food as a Bulk buy then Primetime Wheatgerm that will fit the bill. This is available from ValueAquatics in a 10kg sack making it very cost affective. Available as a round pellet made primarily from Wheatgerm which is digestible at the lower temperatures in the spring and autumn. Ideal for Koi, Goldfish and other pond fish Feed Wheatgerm when the water temperature drops to 5°c – 12° c. Pond fish should not be fed when the temperature drops bellow 5°c as they will be hibernating.


Wheatgerm Pond Food Sticks

ValueAquatics sell Prime Time Wheatgerm Sticks as a bulk buy available from ValueAquatics as a 10kg sack at an excellent price. Available as a floating stick Prime Time Wheatgerm is made primarily from Wheatgerm which is very high in fibre and digestible at the lower temperatures in the spring and autumn.Ideal for Koi, Goldfish and other pond fish. Feed Wheatgerm when the water temperature drops to 5°c – 12° c. Pond fish should not be fed when the temperature drops bellow 5°c as they will be hibernating.John

Nishikoi Wheatgerm

Now that Christmas and New Year is behind us we should be thinking of the pond and it is only a few months before we might have to start feeding again when the water temperature is 6°c -12°c. At this time we should start feeding Wheatgerm. Nishikoi is amongst of the best pond food manufacturers in the UK and their Nishikoi Wheatgerm has been specially formulated by them over the years. It is a highly digestible low protein food and is vegetable-based. It is ideal as a spring and autumn feed where lower temperatures are encountered, and best as a wind down food for the winter and an excellent food for starting the year right in spring. Nishikoi Wheatgerm aids digestion at lower temperatures and helps keep the ammonia down in the fish’s excretion and not overloading the filter system as it is just starting off again.

20% protein for growth
High Wheatgerm content
Anti-oxidant action of vitamin C & E helps the immune system
Vitamin D for bone growth and strength
Spirulina (enriched with fatty acids) aids natural colouration
Highly digestible quality fishmeal -sealable, water resistant jars and tubs for freshness

Nishikoi Wheatgerm comes in handy sized jars and tubs (350g, 650g & 1125g jars and 2.5k, 5k & 10k). The pellets also come in Small 2mm, Medium 4mm & 6mm. ValueAquatics offer Nishikoi Wheatgerm in the following.

Jar/Bucket size SMALL 2mm (pellets) MEDIUM 4mm (pellets) LARGE 6mm (pellets)
350g Χ Χ  
650g Χ Χ  
1125g Χ Χ Χ
2.5k (tub) Χ Χ  
5k (bucket)      
10k (bucket)   Χ