help the Wild birds- fat balls and seeds will help greatly

 The birds are now starting to find food scarce at this time of year so why not offer them some wild bird food to help them through the winter. White bread can do more harm than good to them at this time of year.

Putting out food for the birds brings a wide variety of birds into your garden and hours of pleasure and fun watching them. Just follow a few simple rules.

Place bird feeders away from bushes and a reasonable height to deter cats from ambushing them.

For fat or suet balls take them out of the plastic netting and either string them or use feeders as small birds can get their feet caught up in the netting.

Bird tables out in the open away from bushes to aid against cat attacks.

Place water close by for them in severe weather a night candle under a plant pot with a ceramic water bowl on top will stop the water from freezing.

Clean up around feeding stations to deter unwanted guests and to stop any unwanted germinating.

Disinfect water bowls and feeding tables every month or so.

ValueAquatics offer fat balls in a variety of sizes and quantities to suit all gardens.

ValueAquatics also offers a wide variety of Wild bird seeds and mixes and nuts to suit all tastes. These will attract a wide variety of birds into your garden.

Wild Bird Foods and Fat/Suet balls

New items in Valueaquatics Catalogue Wild Bird Foods and Fat/Suet balls.

We are now selling a wide range of Wild bird foods and treats for garden birds.

There are specific seeds like Black Sunflower seeds, Peanuts both with and without shells. Wild bird food mixes for Robins and Wrens to Woodpeckers. Then there are the dried mealworms and the fat/suet balls essential or winter feeding.

You will find something for all our garden visitors and add hours of enjoyment watching the wildlife.

Always put feeders and bird tables in the open away from where cats might hide.


Garden Bridges

New addition to the ValueAquatics catalogue “Garden Bridges”. All of the bridges are made in Britain from pressure treated wood and come in two finishes brown and natural and all screws are brass anti corrosion. You can stain or paint them to suit your garden or environment.

So far we have added seven different bridge designs in different sizes and we will be adding more as time allows.

If you require a bespoke size that is not listed just phone or E-mail us for a quote.

All the bridges are made of the highest quality and come packed for easy construction with full instructions.