A common problem with keeping the fancy Goldfish is bloat or swim bladder disorders often confused with dropsy. The problem is caused by incorrect diet and feeding. The feeding problem is that most people feed their fancy goldfish on flake food which floats, so that when the fish feeds it gulps in large quantities of air. This can collect in the gut and swim bladder causing the fish to balloon and swim on its side or even lay at the surface upside down unable to swim properly.

Prevention is far better than cure which is hit and miss for this problem and not easy to correct.

Fancy Goldfish like Lion heads and Moors have been bred for their shape not practicality and now bare no resemblance to the Carp they once were.

Carp are basically bottom feeders so the answer is simple give them a sinking food so they can feed from the bottom and then do not gulp air into their system. Feeding Tetrafin Gold Japan is an excellent food that is composed of all the correct food items along with minerals and vitamins to promote healthy growth.

  • High quality vegetable ingredients
  • Sinking sticks that make it easier for fancy goldfish to feed
  • Rich in high quality essential fatty acids and hydrolysed proteins, for healthy growth and condition
  • Rich in carotenoids to promote excellent natural colouration
  • Contains Active Formula for increased resistance to disease

 ValueAquatics offer Tetrafin Gold Japan in two sizes 55g and 145g